C I S I E S   2.0

Clinical Information Systems Implementation Evaluation Scale

 Chart from sample report

Chart from sample report

Tested Metrics

The CISIES 2.0 survey gives your whole team an efficient framework for giving confidential feedback on a new system. CISIES 2.0 can inform mid-course adjustments both before launch and after the dust has settled. The survey takes under 10 minutes and offers insight into patient safety concerns, teamwork issues, training and support availability, and more. Your team can use CISIES 2.0 in your own work.



The CISIES survey is an adaptation of an older instrument, the CISQ, developed in the 1990s. CISIES 1.0 was initially tested during a new system rollout at a small medical system in Florida, as documented in a 2006 publication.

In 2010-11, CISIES 1.1, which included CISIES Pre and Post versions, was administered to thousands of health system employees during a three-hospital CPOE deployment in a midsized Midwestern city. The results are documented in a 2015 publication in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.

CISIES 2.0 applies previous findings to reduce the questionnaire length, further clarify questions and fully implement topical subscales. 


CISIES-Pre 2.0 & CISIES-Post 2.0

The CISIES Pre-2.0 and CISIES Post-2.0 are designed to be administered before and after HIT/CIS/EHR activation, respectively. Although the CISIES forms are designed to work together to yield pre- and post-activation change scores, either or both can be valuable. 


Deployment and Analysis

Prospective CISIES 2.0 users are welcome to download PDFs and print CISIES 2.0 for small-scale use free of charge. Potential users at larger systems should contact us to arrange an all-electronic deployment. We use Qualtrics online survey software and provide actionable results through state-of-the-art interactive data visualization with Tableau


Use CISIES 2.0

Make CISIES 2.0 a constructive part of your new deployment. Register below for a free download. If you are interested, you may also use the comments section of the registration form to tell us about your deployment plans and get a quote for CISIES 2.0 deployment and analysis support from GiC.